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For commercial properties, residential properties, municipalities, and golf courses that apply colored Longleaf pine straw every 6 months/ 2 times per year, the overall cost will be approximately equal to the cost to install non-colored Longleaf pine straw twice per year, because the premium colorant we use on our Longleaf pine straw does not decompose near as quickly as non-colored pine straw.

Colored Long Leaf Pine Straw Benefits...

  • 1. Delivers Optimal Quality and a Profitable Return On Investment
  • 2. Reduces Labor Costs significantly.... as much as 40% - 60% if reapplied every 6 months
  • 3. Maintains Color 2-4 times Longer than Non-Colored Longleaf Pine Straw
  • 4. Consistent, Clean, & Dependable Pine Straw Product
  • 5. 100% Natural Longleaf Pine Straw
  • 6. Has the Lowest Safest Level of Toxicity Possible: Category IV, the Same as Everyday Sugar
  • 7. Is Available Direct Ship/Drop Trailer/Live Trailer Unload
  • 8. Each Roll Covers Approximately 160 Square Feet or the Equivalent of 4 Bales at Approximately 40 Square Feet per Square Bale


Why Colored Pine Straw?

It’s the Best Pine Straw Product You Can Buy For Your Property







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